#TonyGrandsRadio: Music By Russ, Dave East, Leks River, Devin Miles, Ari Lennox, Sy Ari, Devin Baldwin


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Russ – “Hoe Love”

Producer/rapper/singer Russ breaks down the best way to show him the affection he thinks he deserves. Ladies, take notes.

Dave East – “Same Gang”

Dave feeds the streets and the fans on this catchy hood anthem. Plus – who am I to deny a man that namedrops John Belushi & John Constatine in the same song?

Leks Rivers – “Nubian”

R&B ain’t dead. It was just taking a long nap in the backyard after smoking copious amounts of weed and listening to too many old Jodeci songs. Introducing Leks River. Welcome back, 90s R&B.

Devin Miles – “The System”

Devin Miles is out to prove that he’s next in line behind Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. Literally. Pittsburgh in the house on the lazy afternoon thumper.

Ari Lennox & DJ Grumble – “FML”

As usual, Ari pulls up with another super-catchy, tongue-in-cheek groove about everyone’s favorite pastime. No, not baseball…sex. Listen for the unexpexted wordplay.

Sy Ari – “Commitment”

Track number 1 from Sy’s latest mixtape sets up that project for a nice storyline but also stands alone about the same relationship problems we all go through.

Devin Baldwin – “Confession”

Devin’s angelic voice dances over this powerful ballad of confusion and confession.


Words by Tony Grands
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