Joe Moses, Bricc Baby Shitro, & Jay 305 Are Keeping Reality Rap Alive In 2015


Oftentimes rap music is criticized in the media for having a negative impact on society. Namely, the youth.

In most of these lopsided accusations, there is always a voice in the crowd that aggressively shuns this notion. The notion that rap music is the nucleus of all or most of society’s woes is ludicrous.

“Nonsense. If rap music is to blame, then so are movies and video games!” the voice will defend.

As a younger man, I sided with that voice. That voice may have even been mine on a few occasions. Now, my perception has been properly tweaked by disappointment and gravity, and its impossible to avoid being petemossed by wisdom (if you listen, learn, and live long enough).

The difference between reality-based rap music and realistic movies/video games is attainability. It’s easier for a boy to imitate a gangster that he knows personally and idolizes than a galactic bounty hunter who lives on a space station. And while that may be a reach, it’s a valid one. Rap music may not be to blame, but the featherweight burden of “each one teach one” is virtually nonexistent these days. It’s every man, woman, & child for himself.

We wanted rappers to keep it real, no? When we screamed that 25 years ago and the day before yesterday, we didn’t project the outcome of such an innocent request. Meet Jay 305, Joe Moses, & Bricc Baby Shitro, 3 L.A. rappers on a mission to keep rap music nothing less than as real as possible in 2015.

Welcome to the [possible] future [of rap music].

*I grow up at the liquor store featured here. My father was the mailman for over 30 years, and I’ve had a couple of homegirls fight inside.

*I know Joe Moses personally and I consider him a friend of mine. That has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what he displays on camera.

Words by Tony Grands
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