On Walter Scott, Lack of Leadership, & What To Do Next


The shooting of Walter Scott is nothing new.

At the most, it’s a continuance of America’s cannibalistic nuance. At the least, it’s a grim reminder that Black men are seingly disposable, like razors. Like so many other Black American men, I watched the video of ex-officer Slager gunning down Mr. Scott and the contempt rose to my Adam’s Apple. The same contempt and disgust I’ve felt dozens, possibly hundreds of times during my 39 year career as a human. The message has been sent; “Fuck you niggers,” or something to that affect. We get it. Now what stands to be seen is what to do about it.

If you ask me, I’d say there is nothing else we can do. We’ve been protesting, marching, rallying, complaining, voicing our opinions, etc. Where did that get us? Let’s ask Walter Scott. Oh wait, he was killed last Saturday. Granted, strides have been made post-Ferguson towards overall peace and unity, but for every humanitarian inch gained, there are three bigoted steps taken backward.

So now what?

Do we – as a people – wage war? Do we bring fire to this fire fight, evoking the eye-for-an-eye referendum regardless of recoil?

Or do we sit on our hands, praying for our aggressors and humming “Kumbaya, my Lord” while they reload and readjust their sites on our backs? Surely this could easily boil over into culture-clashing hysterics, but is a fight with cops something that can really be won? And what would be considered a victory? Race wars strewn throughout the country? Communities devoid of any actual police presence?

The reason these questions are being collectively asked after every shooting is because we lack a key ingredient that a people need to be successful. That’s “leadership.” African America hasn’t had a true leader since Tupac Dr. King was murdered.

So I pose this question to all of you, because I can’t answer it alone: How do we stop cops from killing us? (“By obeying the law” is not an acceptable answer.) Let’s find a solution and an adequate leader before our sons grow up and become fathers facing the same decisions we must make today. If they even get to grow up at all…

Stay strong and be safe out there.

Words by Tony Grands
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2 comments on “On Walter Scott, Lack of Leadership, & What To Do Next

  1. Champ Ion says:

    Sharing this where I can. Great read, homie! Well written!


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