Anonymous Knocks Kanye West Down A Peg In This Piercing Video Message


Anonymous Vs. the Illuminati.

Those of us that have been fans of Kanye West have watched him grow from perceptive cheerleader to obnoxious head coach.

For the most part, we take it with a grain of Yeezy salt, allowing his insanity to add more flavor and flair to his living legend status.

“Entertainers entertain,” we grumble to ourselves as we continue to live our ambient, mondane lives.

Well apparently Anonymous – society’s powerful-yet faceless digital freedom fighters – has also watched this same evolution but with a differing opinion.

In an effort to reintroduce “Mr. West” to reality, this allegedly authentic Anonymous message was “sent” to Kanye. Not sure when he supposedly received it nor when it was posted online.

Not for nothing, but it’s a bit heavy. I can’t imagine him watching this.

Words by Tony Grands

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