“F*ck All That!” – Episode 8: Let Boys Be Boys…Or Else.


Money’s flowin, everything is fine. Got myself a uzi and my brother a 9. Business is boomin, everything is cool. I pull about a G[rand] a week, fuck school. – KRS-One

That quote is from a song called “Love’s Gonna Getcha,” about a young boy who felt he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

These days, it appears that a lot of boys never get to experience “boyhood.” For a bevy of reasons. That’s not good because what they don’t learn then, they learn in manhood. And as most of us know – unfortunately – lessons absorbed during manhood generally come with a far heftier price and penalty than those of our adolescent years.

And that’s if said lessons are even absorbed at all.

This week, let’s see if there’s a solution to a communal problem that not enough people seem to be aware of. Holla back, y’all.

Words by Tony Grands

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