Music At The Moment: Made In Heights “Made In Heights” Mixtape


Sabzi (producer) and Kelsey Bulkin (vocalist) are Made In Heights, a cosmic slop duo of every genre you can think of, in a good way. A great way, in fact.

I like to think of it as electrofunkdrumnbasstrapjazzfolkhiphopdancesoul music. That’s the most accurate genre I can *squeeze* them in. I’m sure there’s a sprinkle of country influence in there, too. It’s a beautiful sonic hodgepodge, if you will.

On this self-titled mixtape, Sabzi, known for his work with Das Racist, provides vivid, robust sound clouds for singer Kelsey Bulkin to bounce on, which she does amazingly so, time after time. Though the topics are mainly about love and life, the songwriting is above par, easily, and even the most basic of topics is tackled with a considerable amount of flair and style. There really is a hypnotic quality to the chemistry these two musicians produce when together.

This tape challenges itself (and the listener) by not sticking to a particular format or formula, which I guess – in essence – is the formula. Whatever the case, it’s working. Watch the skies for their album WITHOUT MY ENEMY WHAT WOULD I DO, out May 26.

Rating: 🍌🍌🍌

Follow Made In Heights on Facebook, Twitter, and of course their official website.

Words by Tony Grands

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