The Wack Rap Map: America’s Favorite Wack Rappers (According To Facebook)



Let’s be clear; there are a lot of rappers. Judging by my findings, there are literally thousands of dudes (and ladies) on the Internet chasing their dream of becoming a popular, successful rap star. You probably know someone that is currently devoting their energies into tapping into the seemingly endless resource that rap music has become. Hell, it’s like America’s #1 export. In fact, a study recently done shows rap music as the most influential genre of music over the last 40 or so years.

I’ve noticed an influx of sites doing bracket-like competitions to whittle rap artists and albums down to the best ones, respectively. Most recently, Mobb Deep’s The Infamous won as the hardest rap album of all time via PassionOfTheWeiss and I’m totally fine with that.

The task of finding “the best” of anything is undoubtedly arduous, even if it is decided by a voting system. Opinion – which is the narrating factor in considering if something is better than its contemporaries – can vary and sway across a full spectrum of personal taste, and the rap game is so rife with players – both active and on injury reserve – that finding the best rapper or album could be virtually impossible. But it seems like finding the worst should be easier, right?

I asked my Facebook folks to name their favorite wack rappers and below is the regional compilation, give or take. Please feel free to “verbally” fill-in the spots that need names, as well as make it clear who doesn’t belong.


From top l-r: Plies, Biz Markie, Lil B, Drake

MC Brains
Soulja Boy

MC Eiht
Mack 10
MC Ren
Lil B

Puffy Daddy
Memphis Bleek
Nicki Minaj
Talib Kweli
Biz Markie
Greg Nice

Paul Wall
Baby Birdman
Petey Pablo
JT Money
David Banner
Project Pat
Waka Flocka Flame
Vanilla Ice
Juicy J

I didn’t contribute to the list, though I will say I don’t agree with Drake and Nicki being on it.

Now…what say you?

Words by Tony Grands

Questions, Comments, Concerns, or Contributions? Hit us up.


5 comments on “The Wack Rap Map: America’s Favorite Wack Rappers (According To Facebook)

  1. circa94beats says:

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  2. Sean Smith says:

    Who is Lil B?


  3. Sean Smith says:

    And oh yeah you forgot Master P


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