Quickies: A Brief Glance At Hip Hop’s 6 Favorite Foods



Chances are that no matter how successful your favorite rapper is, he’s still hungry. It never fails. No matter how much cheese and lettuce these guys acquire, they forever remain incapable of making enough food to adequately feed their teams and themselves.

In reality, rappers stay eatin’ and dropping random bars and hints about what they snack on. Act like you know.

Shout out to Action Bronson for making food a viable thing in Hip Hop.


Seafood – Rick Ross and/or Plies had you trying to take off your shirt off at Red lobster at least once. Jay Z’s “Lobster & Scrimp” was low-key your jam that summer. Try and count the amount of rappers you’ve ever heard rhyme “pimp” with “shrimp” or “mobster” with “lobster.”


Cake – Whether cup-cakes like Nicki Minaj’s or cake-cake like Jay Z’s ever-expansive bank account, this is apparently the snack of rap dudes and dudettes everywhere, in various forms.


Beef – As much rap beef that occurs, how could steak & hamburger not be on the menu? Not many rappers rap about being vegan or vegetarian (or mulatto).


Chicken – Easily the most Hip Hop food of all time. What better to go with chains & whips than chicken? Wonder Mike had it at his friend’s house, even though it taste[d] like wood. Rick Ross fantasizes about flipping chickens – a term used in reference to selling dope, but in actuality, legitimately flips chickens via his WingStop restaurants. Sweet urban irony. And it tastes like BBQ sawse. (See what I did there?)


Pizza – Every important NY rapper has name dropped a “slice” from their favorite local joint. Apparently pizza from NY is the next best thing to pizza from wherever the hell it originally comes from. In Los Angeles, you’d have to travel all the way to Venice Beach for a single slice, which is coincidentally the most Hip Hop beach in Cali.


Beer -Due to a yeast factor, we’ll call it a food. Before rappers were sipping “Lean,” they were sipping brew. DJ QUIK made his affinity for Miller Genuine Draft known long before Ice Cube started peddling the suds on TV. There’s even a rapper named 211. Oddly, I’ve never heard him rap about sipping 211. What a gyp.

Words by Tony Grands

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4 comments on “Quickies: A Brief Glance At Hip Hop’s 6 Favorite Foods

  1. soul food (GM), ham and eggs (ATCQ), buttermilk buscuits (MIX).


  2. just noticed this on the right pane….

    Watch Snoop Dogg’s New Video, “California Roll,” f/ Stevie Wonder & Pharrell

    wonder if its about sushi


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