TGDC News: Fireworks Go On July 4th Weekend Killing Spree


Some things you just don’t do. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind, you don’t disrespect Nasir Jones. Common logic, no? Atop that list, though, should be “Don’t shoot fireworks off of your body.” Because apparently, no told Justin Bartek that. He died Tuesday in Columbus Community Hospital, in Columbus, Texas, after placing some sort of explosive firework on his chest Saturday, July the 4th, 2015, and igniting it.

Bartek didn’t initially succumb to his injuries, which actually makes the situation worse. Though no details have been released regarding the specificity of the bodily damage, I imagine at some point over the last 3 days, he had a moment to contemplate what he’d done.

See, humans have this thing called “Self Preservation,” and it’s used to protect us from, well, us. That’s why you can’t and WON’T purposely injure yourself. If you do, that’s a sign of some sort of chemical imbalance. Generally, humans are hardwired to keep ourselves safe, but apparently Justin turned his off that day, laid on the ground, and attempted to get a laugh or 2. Instead, he got a trip to the morgue. After 30 years on this planet, one should absolutely know better. God bless the friends and family who have to endure this totally senseless tragedy.

This comes on the heels of another holiday weekend death via fireworks and poor judgment.


Devon Staples of Calais, Maine, in a drunken funfest of Independence Day revelry, lit and placed a fireworks device on his head, and upon ignition, was killed instantly. We can just imagine the type of injuries sustained. What a morbid way to celebrate the freedom of a people than by unintentionally freeing your soul from its secular home.

-Tony Grands


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