TGDC News: Camille Cosby Is Really A “Ride or Die” Chick


The key to a long life filled with comfort and happiness is to find a woman that will — against all surmounted odds, obstacles, and roadblocks — literally ride with you until life’s proverbial wheels fall off. Like Camille Cosby.

In this latest installment of Bill “The Pill” Cosby Vs everybody, Bill’s wife Camille spoke out in continuing utter denial of any wrongdoing on her husband’s part. Following the unsealing of a 2005 deposition where Bill sorta, kinda admits to being the rapist America has already decided he is, Camille has spoken out to family and friends about her feelings towards the matter.

Essentially, she still believes that many of the women consented and now regret their decisions, even as the bombshell recording landed on the front porches of everyone in the country, and basically refuses to admit that her husband may have had more than just an “indiscretion.” Some have gone as far as to suggest her attitude currently derives from a position of protecting her investment.

Accusations of this magnitude would have destroyed a lesser man, myself included. Yet Cosby remains stoic. Perhaps now we know why.

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