Is Future Using His Dysfunctional Family To Push New Music?


Some people think Future is using his familial woes as a platform from which to promote his new album. But I, as well as other estranged fathers know better.


It’s no secret that rap-singer Future is unhappy about the current situation between his child’s mother, songbird Ciara, her boyfriend, Russell Wilson, his son, let’s just call him Lil Fewch for conversational purposes, and himself.

What happened was Future and Ciara had a child together, and though it seemed like a good relationship from the rest of the world, they broke up shortly after the birth of their love child. Like most celebrity couples do. If I didn’t know any better I’d think that famous people have babies from promo purposes, but that’s neither here nor there.

Now that Ciara is with another man, Russell Wilson, Future has been throwing adult temper tantrums whenever the media allows the avenue. So far, he has taken every opportunity to shoot down anything semi-positive that she has said, and it’s really all a bit petty. Then again, on the other hand, he could be using contrived family dysfunction as a vehicle to push his new album, Dirty Sprite 2, which just happened to drop at the same time he told Wilson to keep away from his son. And that would actually be quite genius, in a sociopathic way.

I’m a baby daddy, so I get his frustration and sadness and hostility, assuming it’s authentic, but trust me when I say holding on to all that emotion is unhealthy. Gotta trust that God will make sure your child is safe, develop a relationship with this dude who will truthfully be the dad when you’re not around, and move onward with your personal pursuit of happiness. If not, you’ll inevitably become the bitter old bag lady-man, carrying all your emotional insufficiency on your shoulders like football pads. That shit can get real depressing, real quick.

The way I see it, when a person is removed from your life, it’s a lifted burden. No matter what memories and emotions you clutch. And if he’s really upset about his son, there are dozens of avenues & opportunities for him to ensure legal safety nets regards to the ongoing relationship with, as well as the general well-being of his son. Talking to music journalists about God cosigning your pre-marriage coitus comes off as a slap box punch and will only be perceived as bitter to all that witness.

More importantly; life is short. Seems we forget that so easily. He can engage in a battle over finance and custody, essentially scarring his son for life, or he can make sure the kid knows he loves him by any necessary means and continue to enjoy life on a somewhat sane plateau.

Obviously I don’t know Future’s situation, and ultimately have no legitimate opinion, I DO know how it is to be on the other end of a fight over your kids.

In the meantime, head over to HipHopWired and stream Dirty Sprite 2, because he’ll need to pay child support at some point, so let’s help the brother out…

— Tony Grands


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