TGDC News: The ‘Hood Weighs In On Kendrick Lamar’s Gang Truce Sneakers


Kendrick Lamar, the world’s favorite bohemian rapper, announced a partnership betwixt himself and shoe giant Reebok earlier this year. No, he’s not selling out or anything remotely close to. Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

Kendrick stated that his intention with the shoe will be to unite the Crip and Blood gangs of Southern California.

While the shoes looks cheap and underwhelming, the intention is good. Kids will likely walk right past those sneakers for a pair of $275 fire engine red Lebrons, though, even with its much more sound price of $125. As the Black community knows all to well, unity is far from cheap…and we take our appearance extremely seriously. Kendrick may have fared better with an entire album and cojoining concert series dedicated to the stoppage of gang activity instead. Kids love new music, hate old shoes, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m sure this is merely a baby step in the partnership between Kendrick/TDE/Reebok, and I expect great things in the future. This, obviously, is not one.

See how the hood feels about Kendrick x Reebok’s “Ventilator” as Jigga (not that one) & G Weed, a couple of LA double OGs, speak on the shoe from Ground Zero.

–Tony Grands


One comment on “TGDC News: The ‘Hood Weighs In On Kendrick Lamar’s Gang Truce Sneakers

  1. […] Arguably, his most controversial move ever was creating his shoe line, which targeted lower income customers, in 2006. In an age where $300 shoes are commonplace, Starbury catered to the kids and adults who probably couldn’t even offend to attend his games. This risky move was met with praise, but judging by the shoe line’s lifeline, things fell apart. There was no market for cheap basketball shoes. Kendrick Lamar knows this firsthand. […]


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