TGDC News: AshleyMadison Site Hacked, Happy Husbands Suffer In Silent Suspense


We live in a world where immorality and irregularity are so commonplace that we allow for it. We even award it.

We’ve slowly, through human and technological evolution, become a nation of enablers and perpetual head-turners, encouraging and ignoring social fuckery simultaneously.

A rather popular example of said fuckery is, where users are essentially granted services that aid in adultery, the act of cheating on one’s spouse. Obviously the site is privatized — and monetized — to ensure that top-shelf security measures are thoroughly and aggressively set in place. Apparently not, though, as the site was hacked and user info was breached, last Monday.

The site’s slogan is:

Life’s short. Have an affair.

At this point, a group dubbed “The Impact Team” is holding user information hostage, and demanding that the site be shut down or the confidential info of the site’s 37 million user data base will be leaked. No word yet on if the site will roll over and die or fight an FBI-assisted race against the clock to keep the American marriage afloat.


Picture the happy husbands sitting in their mansions, at the dinner table sweating invisible bullets, nervously waiting for some indicator that 1 of 2 things have happened: that either the coast is clear or the jig is up. has confirmed the hack, but haven’t admitted the amount of damage. This, my friends, is what you call “cosmic irony,” and sometimes it’s hilarious.

Divorce lawyers nationwide are allegedly remaining calm so far, as there have been no reports of panic or anxious outburst.


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