TGDC-TV: Blame Rick Ross For All This Sh*t! [VIDEO]



Meek Mill has set off a firestorm of rap debates and Hip Hop arguments with his comments questioning if Drake, currently know as Karaoke Drake, has outside hands in his lyrical kitchen. At this point, that topic has taken somewhat of a backseat to all the discussions and social media roundtables regarding what places “realness” and authenticity still hold in rap music, if any.

In that vein, today we discuss Rick Ross the Rapper’s initial dishonesty with the rap community, how it’s still directly influencing a generation of the Hip Hop nation, and why he may be singlehandedly responsible for the death of the “Keeping It Real” movement. Roll up and relax for ten minutes or so. Thanks for tuning in.

Today’s featured musical guest is Love At First Sound. Pick up his latest self-produced project “AUDRA” everywhere they sell that good shit!

Whether or not this relates to ghostwriting is purely subjective.

— Tony Grands


One comment on “TGDC-TV: Blame Rick Ross For All This Sh*t! [VIDEO]

  1. Curtis75Black says:

    It does coincide with the ghostwriter aspect. You’re a fraudulent Emcee/Rapper. Nowadays, this generation doesn’t really care about that aspect because they like his beats and his rhymes. Not necessarily the person. It’s too easy to disregard their flaws when you like the person. The pass was given to Ross as well as others in the future. My generation wouldn’t have had it because we wanted the real. Not the person who would do the dumb shit but the person who grew out of it, that can actually tell a true story. Why Lie and front ?


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