New Music From #TonyGrandsRadio: Conscious Kane, Kyle, DonMonique, Dave East, and J. Gillie


Today’s installment of TonyGrandsRadio finds music from Delaware, New York, Virginia, and California. Brownie points if you can call each region by sound and style alone, though it’ll be virtually impossible to ignore the rapper references.

Send submissions to Soundcloud and Youtube preferred. MUST BE ORIGINAL MUSIC.
Conscious Kane- What’s Love Ft. Nicole Black (Prod. By Polo Boy)
Kane’s looking for the definition of love and it’s easy to ride with him on this catchy Polo Boy composition. Nicole Black crooning in the background pulls it all together. Rewind worthy.
KYLE – KING WAVY (ft. G-Eazy)
Kyle’s conversational yet clever, in-your-face style easily swerves in and out of this next generation Bay Area slap while Hip Hop’s favorite White dude, Eminem G-Eazy plays clean-up man flawlessly, as usual. Go in, brah. Eee!

DonMonique – ION (Prod. By Stelios Phili)
DonMo is already drawing comparison to her established contemporaries, most notably Dej Loaf. With nowhere to go but, she has more than enough time to separate herself from the pack.

Dave East – Demonstrate (Prod by Rico Suave)
Beast goes staccato crazy over this frantic Rico Suave track. Even though he’s spitting about the trap, a terribly over-extended topic, fans will notice Dave is flexing some versatility here, something the average rapper isn’t equipped with these days.
J. Gillie – Screendoor
Gillie takes a moment on this jazzy snap to look to the future and reflect on the past, only to realize he’s just “another motherfucker lookin’ through the screendoor.” Too many jewels to catch in one listen.


— Tony Grands


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