TGDC News: The Future Arrives August 5th, Lexus To Release Hoverboard To Consumers


For years people have been fantasizing about the idea of being able to hop on a real life hoverboard and float through the neighborhood like Marty McFly in “Back To The Future.” Well, dream no more.

After years of waiting with crossed fingers and eagerly empty hospital waiting rooms, Lexus, yes — that Lexus, has confirmed that its hoverboard and will be available beginning August 5th, 2015. And a generation of daredevil millennials are holding their breath in anticipation.


According to, there’s no word on availability, but surely the public demand will dictate its supply. Truthfully, we could see these crowding sidewalks by Christmas.

Welcome to the future.

Check out Complex’ video below for more.

— Tony Grands


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