New Music From #TonyGrandsRadio: Jay Prince, love at first sound, Tracy T, Shawn Harris


Today we have Hip Hop music from London, Georgia, Michigan, and Florida. With all this talk about Drake and Meek, this should be a breath of fresh air. How fresh is up for debate, though.

Send submissions to Soundcloud and Youtube preferred. MUST BE ORIGINAL MUSIC.
Jay Prince – Take Your Time (Producer unknown)
London’s Jay Prince spits syrupy sweet bars to a lady he’s pursuing on this catchy, funk track. I can see this getting real world spins.
Tracy T – Drug Sport (Prod. By C4)
MMG’s Tracy T (Gunplay Jr, in my opinion) gives a tutorial on surviving the sport of drug dealing over some C4 rider music.
love at first sound – Let Cole Down (Prod. By love at first sound)
love at first sound has a story to tell. He feels like J. Cole personally dissed him in his hometown of Las Vegas. So he personally responded over a sexy sax and polite boom bap drum loop.
Shawn Harris – Love Like Drugs (Prod. By Seventh Soldano and Shawn Harris)
Shawn Harris is far from the first artist to glamorize drug addiction, but the track is so riveting the song itself becomes…addicting. Play at your own risk.


— Tony Grands


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