Why I Can’t Support The “Ghostbusters” Movie Reboot


The majority of you are old enough to have been able to go and see the Ghostbusters when it opened in theaters some 31 years ago. Even if you aren’t a fan of the franchise, which developed a life of its own after the wildly successful movie, you are still well aware that America, nay, the world loved the Ghostbusters. After the sequel, cartoons and toys and video games and snack foods popped up to further prove how much the people loved them. Now, in 2016, the Ghostbusters are being reintroduced to modern society with a twist that most fans, or even just casual onlookers, surely did not expect.

Similar to the abrupt, unexpected plot shake-up with the Fantastic 4 franchise this year (shout out to Michael B. Jordan), all the Ghostbusters characters have been replaced by new actors (rest in peace, Harold Ramis) but in a move all it’s own, the characters have also been given sex change operations. Yes, you heard me correctly. In 2016, the Ghostbusters will become a group of women. Does that make me sexist that I’m pointing this out? No, I don’t think so.


See, the problem with Hollywood these days is they don’t believe in originality anymore. Originality isn’t taking something that was already created and remixing it to a tune of your personal liking. Actually, originality is what the creator exercised to begin with. Any revision done to the original is exactly that, a revision, mixtape version, just an extension on someone else’s idea, and there is nothing original about that.

There’s a rapper from the Bay Area, California, named Rappin 4Tay. He had a song called “The Playaz Club” some eons ago and everybody’s favorite MC, Drake, lifted a small portion of that song and used it for his own. Subsequently, Drake had to shell out thousands of dollars to 4Tay for the revisionist twist he put on that man’s original lyrics. Granted, music and movies aren’t necessarily the same thing, but technically, creativity is creativity no matter the canvas. And if someone defaces your creativity, even in a way that could be construed as complementary, it’s still vandalism. Legacies don’t develop only to be tarnished or manipulated or fixed.

Ultimately, the reason I can’t support the new Ghostbusters movie, which is the same reason I sorta refuse to see the new F4 flick, is because I think it’s an unnecessary relaunch, as well as a bit of dirt-kicking on to the shoes of the original cast and crew, even if some of them are okay with it. I’ll liken it to me naming my second son the same as my first son except changing a “y” to an “i,” if that makes any sense.

I may sound like a hater, or chauvinist, but I’m neither. It’s more like I’m tired of rehashes, reboots, and remixes when there are more than enough stories floating around to be snatched from the air and grafted onto silver screened reality these days.

And before anyone brings up Creed or NL’s Vacation, both of those films are continuations of the original story arc. I’ll take a continuation over an attempt to juke an audience anyday.

Long live Winston Zeddemore.

— Tony Grands


2 comments on “Why I Can’t Support The “Ghostbusters” Movie Reboot

  1. technique says:

    What’s good Grands? I had to go away for a little bit due to some mistakes I made but I’m home now! Just wanted to say what up and let you know I’m back to checking the site.

    And I’m not feeling the new Ghostbusters look or none of that so far either. Maybe it will be good… Who knows.

    Liked by 1 person

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