How Drake Vs. Meek Mill Is The New 50 Cent Vs. Rick Ross


So in this whole Meek Mill and Drake beef, I’m wondering where Rick Ross is. Aside from the fact he has an assload of legal issues he is surprisingly quiet for a man in his position. Here it is, his main foot soldier going toe to toe with arguably the best rapper in the game, and from my research he hasn’t said jack.

Then it dawned on me.

This is the same position Ross was in right at the beginning of his career explosion. 50 Cent, indeed “the man” at the time, allegedly ignored Rick Ross at a party. Rick dropped a sneak diss on a guest verse on someone’s song and 50 caught wind of it, thus inciting one of the most savage attacks in Hip Hop to date. 50 went at Ross on a personally level, with a unique aggression, taking his retaliation to a formally unseen level. No diss tracks, no back-and-forth arguments. 50 simply put time, money, and dedicated energy into destroying Rick Ross’ personal life and public image. Ross never declared beef, he just dropped a snide remark. That’s very similar to what Meek Mill did. So Drake, similar to 50, decided to unload a can of whoop ass relentlessly, and for what it’s worth Meek Mill just was not prepared for it.

A lot of Hip Hop customers and rap game aficionados thought that 50’s attack on Rick Ross, and his mom, and his baby’s mom, and his kids meant that his career in entertainment was over. Especially since Rick Ross never really said anything back. Have you ever seen a guy in a fight who’s losing simply because he chose to curl up in the fetal position rather than lash out in fight or flight fury? That’s the equivalent of what Rick vs 50 Cent looked like from the outside. It got to a point where my friends and I had conversations about how we literally felt bad for Rick Ross.

Then one day, people began to notice the tide in the conflict changing. It wasn’t because Rick Ross decided to start fighting back, per se, but it was more along the lines of his music speaking for him. Rick Ross was dropping song after song after song at a time when all 50 Cent was doing was yelling and screaming and bullyfooting on his website in true Curtis Jackson fashion. In regard to Rick Ross, the hits kept coming and one day Hip Hop looked around and Rick Ross was on top of the game. Meanwhile, 50 Cent was struggling to get people to listen to songs he was dropping online for free. That’s a poetic fall from grace if ever I’ve seen one.


If Rick Ross, rap music’s greatest comeback kid, has been spending time shaping, nurturing, and building a rightful heir to the throne that he’s constructing currently, then there is absolutely no reason to count Meek Mill out just because of a stumble. It’s fun to say his career is over but realistically he was riding high before this little snafu occurred. I sincerely doubt his momentum will be slowed so much that he won’t still garner the same amount of attention that he would have had any of this not happened.

And honestly, Meek Mill’s success doesn’t necessarily spell failure for Drake. Before this conflict, they were both leisurely cruising along in their own respective lanes. Every now and then, their fans coexisted at an intersect where both artists worked together to have us bobbing our heads and snapping our fingers to some bullshit, but aside from that, one guy was over there and the other guy was over there and it was all good.

Hopefully the grasshopper’s been watching and learning from the teacher over the years. Because if so, the narrative dictates that we can expect Meek Mill to deliver some fire ass music probably no later than the beginning of the fall. Why the beginning of the fall? Because only a fool would challenge Drake for the next 2 or 3 months. Meek has done a foolish thing by starting a feud with his wifey’s coworker (what man hasn’t) but clearly the man is no fool, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t listen to a lot of Meek Mill’s music.

Meek Mill obviously lost this battle, but like many a wise man has said before me, if you never lose you’ll never learn how to win.

— Tony Grands


One comment on “How Drake Vs. Meek Mill Is The New 50 Cent Vs. Rick Ross

  1. Curtis75Black says:

    DAMN !!!


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