TGDC-TV: How To Survive On Public Transportation: A Guide For The Privileged Adult


I’m always amazed by the amount of people who say things like, “I’ve never caught the bus,” or, “You won’t catch me on the train!” Where I’m from, the place where I grew up, what I call home, “my hood,” it was a rite of passage to catch the bus.

The bus was your introduction to unmitigated freedom. It meant that your parents trusted you at least enough to not get yourself killed or arrested before you made it to or from your destination. It wasn’t so much that families in our neighborhoods could not afford vehicles, it was more along the lines of me being from a generation where both of our parents, who lived at home, had full time employment. This was before the grandparents started raising the babies. The term that used for us was “latchkey kids.” That meant that we were home alone after school because our parents were out getting that cheddar. An entire generation of kids with house keys.


So since our parents weren’t able to chauffeur us around the city and their broken down jalopies and struggling middle class chariots, we did what the hell we had to do. Some of you were lucky, nay, blessed enough not to have to endure riding the bus or traversing the subway. But then you grew up. Shit changed. You’ve lost your job and can’t afford a car. Or that DUI that you thought would be no big deal is, in fact, a very big deal. Unlike childhood — where there was a helping hand at every crossroad — you now find yourself alone, on the bus; clueless, anxious, unprepared, and looking for answers. ‘Tis an unpleasant tumble when the privileged fall.

Some of this is new to some of you. Lessen your stesses and lighten your worries because is stepping in for the assist with some dos and don’ts for surviving public transportation.

Thank us later…

— Tony Grands


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