TGDC News Exclusive: N.W.A’s The D.O.C. Solves A Hip Hop Mystery



Anyone familiar with N.W.A knows about this album, which in theory is the first N.W.A album. It’s similar to Mobb Deep’s actual first album being Juvenile Hell. Both groups went through rigorous change before hitting the scene on a major level with their respective second releases. But this is about N.W.A, not Mobb Deep.

Many people have wondered for years who that unfamiliar fellow is on the cover in the blue shirt, squatting in front, holding a Budweiser while everyone else had Olde English.

Well, it turns out he’s an actual person.


I decided to ask The D.O.C, legendary part of N.W.A’s collective since the 1980s, who that guy was on Twitter.

That guy’s name is “Crazy Dee,” and he is also the same guy on the intro to N.W.A’s “Gangsta Gangsta.”


On “Gangsta,” Crazy Dee voices a Hispanic character complaining about “pinche gangsters” that ultimately gets gunned down as the beat drops. Listen below.

You wouldn’t learn this random information from Straight Outta Compton.

And while we’re on the subject, word on the ‘net is that the D.O.C’s voice has returned and he’s planning a comeback.

Stop by the comment section and drop off your favorite N.W.A song while you’re here!

— Tony Grands


6 comments on “TGDC News Exclusive: N.W.A’s The D.O.C. Solves A Hip Hop Mystery

  1. eazy253 says:

    Gangsta gangsta


  2. eazy253 says:

    Still a dope post. BTW somebody should tell DOC the window is closed. Nobody wants to hear a 50 year old ni66a rap not named Dr dre.


    • tonygrands says:

      Good looks.

      Oh shit. I don’t think they will. I think the mixtape will be dropping soon. I didn’t wanna post all his tweets but Rockwilder or Just Blaze was tweeting back & forth with him about working.


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