TGDC News: Sandra Bland Mural Spotted In Los Angeles


Sandra Bland was found dead, hanging in a Hempstead, Texas, jail cell earlier this year. Foul play has been suspected, but as of yet no charges have been filed, even as the department faces public and professional scrutiny over what many consider a murder. The FBI has even gotten involved. Ms. Bland’s unfortunate death has forever propelled her name into the seemingly endless conversation about Black America’s turbulent relationship with the justice system and law enforcement.

In Los Angeles, California — a lifetime away from Waller County — this mural has been quietly rendered to the community at the intersection of 47th street and Western Avenue. Not only is the ominous painting a tribute to Sandra and the controversy and mystery surrounding her death, it’s also a message for its viewer. The caption says, “Keep It Real.”


Photo credit: Steven Jones

Rest in peace, Sandra.

— Tony Grands


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