Government Takes Fun Out Of “Droning” With Federal Laws and Sh*t


Welcome to the future, where your phone is smarter than your boss, pictures move, money is digital, and drones are a thing. For whatever price you are willing to pay, you can now own a drone of your very own. Assuming, that is, you follow all the state and federal regulations imposed on said drone.

Drones went from sci-fi geek’s wet dream to the talk of the Internet’s rumor mill to full-fledged actuality, on the shelf where all your favorite gadgets are sold.

Thanks to an awesome graphics chart courtesy of Intella blog, you can equip yourself with the information you’ll need when you decide to start spying on the single moms through the open windows of the neighboring apartment complex watching the neighborhood from above.

A few laws of note:

● In California, a drone is prohibited from taking pictures where one would otherwise expect privacy (“behind closed doors”).

● In Colorado, it’s illegal to use a drone for hunting or scouting purposes.

● A drone is currently prohibited from weighing more than 55 pounds.

Continue with the chart below for more.


— Tony Grands


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