TGDC News: ATM Machine PIN Code Reversal Hoax May Get You Get Killed


Everybody loves a good hoax. However, when there is a chance of danger or even possibly death, then it’s time to stop laughing.

There is currently a post on Facebook and the post states that if in danger at an ATM machine, entering your PIN code backwards will summons the authorities to your predicament. This is not true! Repeat, this is some bullshit!

Below is a screenshot taken from The ASB blog, and it says that this hoax has been around since the 1980s, and actually has a foundation to it. At one point there was a plan to use PIN code reversal as a means of notifying the police of crime. However it was quickly scrapped, yet obviously this rumor continues to live vigorioulsy.


So again, entering your PIN code backwards at an ATM machine will do nothing. In fact, if you do it 3 times in a row you will lock yourself out of the bank account and may really find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Instead, be preemptive. Pay attention. Look around. Use the motherfucking ATM before the sun goes down. There are plenty of ways to remain safe, and in the meantime, tell all your friends about what you just read. Debunk the myth. It could save a life.

— Tony Grands


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