Rapper Appreciation Wednesday: Duval “Masta Ace” Clear


Representing Brooklyn every step of the way, Masta Ace was born in 1966, and first appeared to the rap universe in 1988, on DJ Marley Marl’s Juice Crew posse cut, “The Symphony.” Appearing alongside heavyweights such as Big Daddy Kane, Craig G, and Kool G(enius of). Rap, Ace held his own on the jam-packed banger, laying the impressive, respectable foundation for a nearly 30 year career.

Today, we give flowers to Masta Ace in appreciation for all his hard work. Thanks, Duval.

Me and The Biz

Postin’ High


Jeep Ass Nigga

The Symphony

I.N.C. Ride

Little Young (Ft. Edo G.)

Sittin On Chrome


— Tony Grands


3 comments on “Rapper Appreciation Wednesday: Duval “Masta Ace” Clear

  1. Curtis75Black says:

    On the low, Masta Ace has had the better career in the whole Juice Crew. Yes, even better than Big Daddy Kane. The man has stayed more consistent and than many Vets from that era, before and beyond. Truly a GOAT more overlooked than most but far from underrated. I can say for myself, it took years for me to catch on. I seen “Me and The Biz” and was turned off. I seen Slaughterhouse and was like ok. I purchased all of the later projects and was thoroughly impressed to the point, I had to re-evaluate and give a more balanced opinion and Masta Ace is the man. He stays blazing. Never fell off.

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  2. circa94beats says:

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