Rapper Appreciation Wednesday: James “LL Cool J” Smith

Ladies Love Cool James, born James Todd Smith in 1968, encountered rap stardom at the age of 17, when he dropped his debut album Radio. Fueled by the album’s most heralded songs, “Radio” and “I Need Love,” Cool J eventually become Hip Hop’s sex symbol and resident tough guy simultaneously. Hes even survived rap beefs with legends like Kool Moe Dee, Ice-T, and, most notably, Canibus.

30 years and 13 albums later, James has a veritable barrage of hit records under his belt, and unlike the majority of his contemporaries, he’s still making music. When he’s not on set or beating down intruders.

Today, we give flowers to LL Cool J for all the hard work he’s done. Thanks, James.

*Editor’s note: I challenge you to find a picture of LL with hair.

I’m Bad

I Need Love


Mama Said Knock You Out

Doin’ It

Big Ole Butt

Jingling Baby

Rock The Bells

Goin Back To Cali

To The Breakdown

— Tony Grands


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