TGDC News: Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey Fight In The Street!


UFC warrior Ronda Rousey and Trackstar Floyd Mayweather have been throwing verbal jabs at one another for quite some time now. Though America’s lust for blood and spousal abuse may be at an apex, I doubt there will ever be a genuine clash of these sexes. I do predict, though, at some point, we may see Floyd and Rousey throwing hands for charity, but that’s about it.

To hold us over until that frightfully boring event, digital artist Richie Branson has created a match between the fighters in the Street Fighter realm.

Editor’s note: Mayweather isn’t that diesel.

Watch the fight of the century, kinda, occur in the video below. Support Richie Branson by subscribing to his Youtube page as well.

Photo courtesy of businessinsider
Video courtesy of youtube

–Tony Grands


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