Manhood Mondays: 5 Ways to Show Your Teenage Son That You’re Still in Charge


Fatherhood. It’s all fun and games until those cute, innocent, clean-smelling bundles of happiness evolve into smelly, disgruntled, smart-mouthed lumps of hair and bad attitude.

This is where teenage sons tend to challenge their father’s authority. Begin to smell themselves, so to speak. We here at TGDC don’t believe in that.

Allow us to help you help yourself, dad, by nipping this potential problem in the bud.

Many fathers fold under the pressure, and for years, the teenage son is the one that makes the rules. No dice.

DJ Mustard n Yung k

DJ Mustard and my teenage son, Yung k

Today we’ll discuss 5 ways for dads to let their teenage sons know they’re still in charge. These methods include eating his food right in front of him and punishing him for no reason.

For the remaining honest and incredibly effective tips, click the Soundcloud button below.

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— Tony Grands


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