Will Meek Mill’s Terrible Taste in Shirts Affect His Comeback?


Who amongst us remembers that fateful day when Meek Mill, in the midst of experiencing the most success of his career, decided that publicly challenging Drake was a good idea? Oh, everone? Good.

Since then, as a byproduct of his rap beef-inspired flailing, Meek has been dissed by other rappers for biting, called out guys that had nothing to do with the beef — like Future and AR-Ab — subsequently filling his dance card, been himself accused of having a ghostwriter, and seems to continually slide backwards into the increasingly counterproductive role as Mr. Nicki Minaj, the pop star’s living accessory.

A similar thing happened to Nick Cannon for a while.

But hold the pity party. This is Meek Mill we’re talking about. A man in his position, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, should be making as much noise as Maybach Music Group will allow. I’ve said before that Meek should have totally dismissed Drake’s razor-sharp onslaught by now, pretended the whole conflict never happened, and continued making the music that he normally would have. That’s what finally earned him the recognition he rightfully deserved. And that’s the only way people will forget about the multi-media lynching that occured, which oddly put Meek in a similar position as his boss was in following his dust-up with 50 Cent some years ago. All that’s left now is for him to come back from the proverbial dead, like Rick Ross and Jesus did.

I know how the rap game works, as most of you do. We’re all aware that it’s just a matter of Fetty Wap-enveloped time before Meek jumps off the front porch and is back to yelling in our faces as usual. Because he’s the human vuvuzela.


But this wouldn’t be a real Hip Hop site if we didn’t kick him while he was still down. So before Meek makes his triumphant Rocky Balboa-like return to the glory he momentarily had to abandon, let’s have a look at his horrible taste in shirts.

It may be time to invest in a stylist before traversing the comeback trail, Milly.



(Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)
















–Tony Grands


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