TGDC News: Fetty Wap’s Hairdresser Is The Real MVP of the Day

Words by Cordrick Ramey

Earlier today (9/26), Fetty Wap was in a car accident in Paterson, New Jersey, when his motorcycle collided with another vehicle.


My first thoughts were, “Damn, new album dropping and he might be out of here the same week?” He was found unconscious at the scene but luckily regained consciousness once he reached the hospital. He also suffered injuries to his leg. So kudos for that.

Now I will never be the one to wish death or clown on an unforeseen, misfortunate situation, but let me ask you a question…

How many fights, beat-downs, and jumpings have you seen on where hair weaves, tracks, and out-of-control hair extensions are left in the aftermath of an ass-whooping? The answer is a LOT.

(Wait. We all know that Fetty has admitted to rocking fake dreads, right?)

However, today with Willie Maxwell colliding head on with another vehicle, not a lock was lost. Shout out that dude stylist or dresser or whatever they call people who install artificial, auxiliary hair on mens’ heads. Job well done. He or she is the real MVP.

These are sevetal pictures from the scene of the accident courtesy of

These are sevetal pictures from the scene of the accident courtesy of

All jokes aside, the hottest dude of the moment could have lost his life today, and it’s good to hear that he survived with nothing more than a leg brace and a busted bike. Nonetheless, dudes wearing hair extensions is another topic altogether. So I will leave you with a video and another question…

Is Fetty Wap the first rapper to have hair extensions or the first to admit it? Check the video below, courtesy of DJ Akademics.


Words by Cordrick Ramey
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