Rapper Appreciation Wednesday: David “DJ Quik” Blake, Sr


David Marvin Blake, aka DJ Quik, was born January 18, 1970, and unbeknownst to many, he was not born in Compton, CA. It was actually Pomona, a couple of hours away from the CPT. However, he’s been representing Compton since his early days of selling mixtapes in the 1980s.

Quik’s official noise-making began when he dropped his debut album Quik Is The Name, in 1991. For many, it was a game changer, because not only did the rapper self-produce, but he also introduced his up close and personal relationship with gangbanging, a trend in rap music that has yet to die down. And much like Quik’s ex-rival, MC EIHT, he helped put Compton, California on the rap map. Since then, David has proven himself a sonic genius whose producer credits have been attached to some of entertainment’s biggest names. Many rap purists proclaim him a better producer than his hometown brethren, Dr. Dre. That’s always a great discussion.

Quik’s musical ability often overshadows the effectiveness of his written lyrics, but with so many hit songs under his heavyweight belt, his status in rap history has been thoroughly solidified and David Blake, Sr has no more points to prove to Hip Hop.


Today, we give flowers to DJ Quik in appreciation of all his hard work. Thanks, Quik.

Enjoy that work below.

Born And Raised In Compton

Quikker Said Than Dunn

Way 2 Fonky

You’z A Ganxsta


Dollaz N Sense

Pitch In On A Party

So Many Wayz

Jus Lyke Compton

— Tony Grands


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