Manhood Mondays: The Benefits of Being a Bitter Baby Daddy (Feat. Future)


Future, Hip Hop’s favorite robot singer, has inadvertently become rap’s spokesperson for bitter babydaddydom. It seems every chance he gets, he’s whining to the media about how unfair life is on the other side of child custody. As a fellow absentee father, I get it. I’m sure many of you do, too. It’s the worst gray area in the history of mankind.

There are ways to go about being a baby daddy, however, and as usual, TGDC IS here to help. future-hive-thumbThis video edition of Manhood Mondays features music from the Zipsquad Music Group, and you can find the collective’s catalog on Soundcloud.

Enjoy the video below.

Click the YouTube button in the sidebar for more videos from TGDC.

–Tony Grands


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