TGDC News: Starbury Vs. Jordan: Stephon Marbury Takes MJ To Task For Killer Kicks


You know Stephon Marbury, right? If not, then throw on your latest, most expensive pair of Air Jordan sneakers and allow me to jog your memory.

Stephon Marbury is an all-star celebrity NBA player that began his career alongside Kevin Garnett with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Rapidly ascending to NBA stardom, he acquired the nickname Starbury and proceeded to become one of the most notable guards in the National Basketball Association during the late 90s. Though the duo never won an NBA title, they were very exciting to watch. Fast forward to today. Time marched on, and the league moved onward. Not many people talk about Starbury. Mostly because there have been in hundreds of guards since his era of greatness, but also because he doesn’t even play in America anymore. Starbury is the star of the Beijing Ducks, in the other CBA – the Chinese Basketball Association.

Stephon himself is no stranger to controversy.


Remember when he tattooed the logo of his basketball shoe line on his head? He had head tats before your favorite rapper did.

And what about that time he ate Vaseline for the world to see?

Arguably, his most controversial move ever was creating his shoe line, which targeted lower income customers, in 2006. In an age where $300 shoes are commonplace, Starbury catered to the kids and adults who probably couldn’t even afford to attend his games. This risky move was met with praise, but judging by the shoe line’s lifeline, things fell apart. There was no market for cheap basketball shoes. Kendrick Lamar knows this firsthand.

After being somewhat extinct (the shoes, not Starbury), Stephon Marbury recently announced to the world that he’s bringing his $15 kicks back. And the platform he’s using is the neck and shoulders of fellow basketball great Michael Jordan. Marbury is simultaneously — and strategically — promoting the rebirth of his shoe while attempting to usurp Jordan’s sneaker game dominance via Twitter.

While it’s unknown if Michael has responded back to the jabs and blaming, it’s very clear that Stephon is here for the people, not the paper.

Kudos to Stephon for having the balls to call out Jordans for the public health hazard they are. Pun absolutely intended.

Below are a series of tweets from Starbury’s Twitter account. For what it’s worth, we agree with him 100%.

— Tony Grands


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