Meet Eastside Crackhead. He May Be the Realest Rapper Alive (And That Is Terrible)


Words by Cordrick Ramey

Apparently I spend waaaaaay too much time on the Internet trying to find stories to tell. I browse. Make a decision. Browse some more. Find an angle. Sometimes I find dope shit. And sometimes, I just find…..niggas on dope. This latest find, I can’t even decide if it’s is real or not.

Courtesy of VladTV, I present to you Eastside Crackhead. Now this is just an interview, but its the wildest nine minutes and forty-nine seconds I’ve seen all week. Matter of fact, if this is real… I just located the realest dude to ever grace a recording booth. While we sit and listen to tremendous tales of moving keys and breaking down pounds….this is the recipient of such due diligence. So, Yo Gotti, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, TI, Rick Ross, Pusha T and any other rapper  who has moved crack or dope or smack….this is yall fault. And you should be ashamed.

Hilarious, right?

Not so much. I laughed, I was entertained, but this isn’t the proper way we should be displayed. And furthermore, our glorification of the spoils from turning people into fiends, isn’t anything to be celebrated either. But here we are. I’m old enough to remember Ol’ Dirty Bastard OD’ing, Pimp C dying from codeine and Chris Kelly from Kris Kross dying from cocaine and heroin. This ain’t the life. This is death.

635800040649724421-KniccaAs I write this, Koopsta Knicca from Three Six Mafia passed today. It is listed as a brain aneurism and a stroke. I just pray drugs were not involved. We gotta do better people. Life is precious and should never be taken for granted. Perhaps, when real live addicts start telling their stories, the objectification and glorification of such a destructive lifestyle will take a backseat to caring for the average human being. We all have friends and family who may have made the decision to try something that was detrimental to their health at some point in life. You may not look down on them due to the connection, but I’m almost certain you have ignored, ridiculed or turned your nose up to someone you don’t. But just imagine, for every Escobar tale, there was a Pookie song to match it.


Listen to Killer’s verse.

Words by Cordrick Ramey

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