TGDC News: Joe Smith Drops Lamar Odom Dedication Song?


Lamar Odom is supposedly doing much better, though he’s not in the clear just yet. He’s allegedly talking, which I find hard to believe if the reports of his various ailments are accurate.

The power of God notwithstanding, there’s no way in hell your body fails on Wednesday but on Friday, you’re giving thumbs up and telling people “Good morning.” That’s not how any of this works.

Joe Beast bka Joe Smith, ex-Lakers, all-star NBA journeyman, and part-time rapper, has dropped a tribute to Lamar Odom. Yes, he raps. Now you know.

You can watch the tribute below.

The song sounds genuine enough, but it also sounds like he’s had it in the chamber, waiting to be fired. Just another case of Masterpeeing?

What say you…Is this homie love or free publicity?

Words by Tony Grands


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