5 Benefits of Being Forced to Pay Child Support


This article isn’t about taking care of responsibilities, nor is it a reflection of how I feel about my kids.

Before I began paying child support the “C” word I cringed when I heard other men mumble the phrase. It reeked of emasculinity and shame. Failure and stagnation. Like being the last kid picked in life. My emotional allergy to that phrase caused problems in my unemployed, drinking days because all I watched we court shows, and 69.7% of those cases involved baby momma drama. What goes along with baby momma drama? Arguments over child support money, of course!

There was a time when I thought I’d be able to slither my way around the grueling, torturous, soul-seering process but…no dice. Unfortunately, that was clearly the only way to resolve this issue.

counting-money.gifI’ve come to grips with having to endure this marathon of unnecessary humiliation and unscrutinized punishment but it is what it is at this point. I found peace and positivity, like I do in most things, and as long as I keep my focus properly filtered my sanity should stay intact until the end of the journey.

For the rest of you brothers who have yet to reach this event horizon of manageable solace, allow us to help. With enough skill and ability you can find positives in anything and I found five benefits to being forced to pay child support.

I’ve compiled a one-word shortlist for those whose ADHD meds won’t let them sit still long enough to successfully read words. And for the others, Grands gets more in-depth while everybody’s favorite d-boy rapper Hardo croons to his girl and his sidechick in the background, via Soundcloud. Although somehow, I feel like this type of shit is part of three problem. But, I digress.

5 Benefits of Being Forced to Pay Child Support:

5. Clarity.

4. Relief

3. Pride

2. Comfort

1. Education

Hear the full breakdown below:

Now go buy some condoms.

Words by Tony Grands
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