Too Real For the Game: A Salute To MMG’s Gunplay


Words by Cordrick Ramey

Every once in awhile, hip hop stumbles across a figure who is here, but not too sure if he should be here. Not to say they don’t belong, but just too real for the game. Maybe you still can’t follow, but I’m thinking along the lines of your Project Pats, Gucci Manes, Ol’ Dirty Bastards and Beanie Sigels. Dudes who just happen to know how to rhyme. They had other occupations.

One of these dudes I would like to discuss, is none other than Don Logan, AKA Gunplay from Maybach Music Group.


The wild light skin dude with like one sick dread who runs with Rick Ross. You might not know him, but I know you’ve seen him. Setting himself apart from the other members of Triple C’s, Young Breed and Torch, Gunplay is the only one who has dropped a solo album from the old regime of Maybach Music. Making his debut on Rick Ross’ “Deeper Than Rap” on the aptly titled song “Gunplay”, he makes his mark.

Rick Ross- Gunplay feat. Gunplay

Now he has a lot more music which we will get into later. But to find the real Gunplay is to listen to his interviews. Dude has absolutely no filter, chill or fucks to give.

Gunplay on The Combat Jack Show

Gunplay on The Brilliant Idiots

Rapper Gunplay Sends A Warning to Young Black Men

Gunplay and Allhiphop


Conspiracy theorist, livewire, honest to a fault? Yes, yes and YES. But it’s dope because that’s who he truly is. Real stories of drug abuse and how it started, fighting and losing to G-Unit, speaking the truth about what’s wrong with the industry, he pulls no punches. Assaulting his accountant over taxes, speaking of relapsing on cocaine in Colombia of all places and at the same time gaining respect by making memorable music.

Kendrick Lamar- Cartoons & Cereal feat. Gunplay

Gunplay- Bible On The Dash

Gunplay- Rollin’ feat. Rick Ross and Waka Flocka Flame

Gunplay- Dark Dayz

So its not all about thugging and being that ONE who will take it there out the click. Gunplay says some real shit. And he’s better than a lot of protégé rappers. DMX and Drag On anyone?  No comparison. With the way the game is set these days, Gunplay gets nowhere near the love and respect he deserves. If this is the game of keeping it real. He does that. If you guys are on drugs. He does that too. If you’re loyal to the one who put you on. He’s been that.

I’m learning to give respect, where respect is due.

Salute Gunplay.


Words by Cordrick Ramey
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