Manhood Mondays: “Love, Marriage, & Animal Instinct” [STREAM]


Husbands are the most uncelebrated creatures to ever lurch across the face of the earth. And skunks. And the duck-billed Platypus.

TV shows make us appear aloaf and unnecessary, movies usually portray us as sex-crazed neanderthals that destroy families for sport, and using your parents as an example, we basically seem to get old and become children again.

No dice.

We — husbands — are more important than that. And in an effort to keep us solidified in survival on the marital battlefield, today well be discussing some very real aspects of matrimony. Education for some, refresher course for others, but real none the less. Non-husbands are encouraged to listen also. You never know what you’ll glean from the internets.


Music provided by Pharoah the god, available on

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Words by Tony Grands


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