Pimp C’s Dropping A New Album, So Let’s Watch His Documentary


The late, great Chad Butler died 8 years ago. For those who don’t know who he is, I’m going to need you to turn in your Hip Hop Community Association card as soon as possible.

But, for the sake of conversation, Chad Butler aka Pimp C, is one half of the Texas rap group UGK, possibly best known for their inclusion on Jay Z’s hit song, “Big Pimpin.” He passed away due to sleep apnea, which has been medically associated with his consumption of the drug Lean.

Like most rappers that died too soon, Pimp’s importance wasn’t truly realized until after his passing. Since then, he’s become an internationally recognized hip hop icon, joining the posthumous ranks of gone but not forgotten rap legends like Mac Dre and Big Pun. And even though some may not agree with his pimp lyrics and glorification of street life, pimp lyrics and glorification of street life are what made him great. Just ask around. Pimp C is and will forever be regarded as a legend in rap music.

As some of you may know, Pimp C has a new album coming out soon. Clearly it has peaked the interest of his fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a hologram UGK concert sometime in the future as well.

To celebrate the virtual homecoming of Chad Butler, today we have “The Final Chapter,” a documentary about Pimp C that you may not have seen. And if you have, watch it again.

As a bonus, here is Hip Hop collective Zipsquad’s slapperific ode to Chad, titled “Pimp C.” Listen below:

Words by Tony Grands


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