Ben Carson, Aspiring Mogul, and the New Way of Thinking


Words by Cordrick Ramey

Question. Which is more cringe worthy? Black homosexual thug rapper? Or. A Black Christian Republican rapper?

I’ve found both. One, you are familiar with I’m sure. The other…..

Well, the other is about to get his ass lit up on these here Internets. And it ain’t the gay one.

Presidential Candidate Ben Carson has unleashed a radio that will features a (say it with me) — black Christian republican rapper. This is for no other reason than to appeal to an urban, inner city, typical democrat demographic. So who is this token rapper? Some guy from Atlanta, Georgia named Aspiring Mogul. Perhaps he is a legitimate emcee with a different way of thinking. Maybe he is taking an opposite standpoint just to drum up media attention. Or, maybe he is a pawn, and by next week Donald Trump will find another black Christian republican emcee to diss Aspiring Mogul for not being republican or Christian enough. But I digress…

Black urban radio listeners, prepare your ears for the smooth, melodic, brainwashing delivery of Aspiring Mogul and Young Ben Carson.

Nigga. You had two bars. And Carson and awesome don’t even rhyme! But whatever.
Moving on.

I wanted to dig deeper and find out more about this guy, Aspiring Mogul. He has a Twitter, a BlogSpot and a few joints posted on Soundcloud. Kudos, brother. Get your hustle on. He actually has a joint where he is rhyming a bit. Ironically, the tune is called “Black Republican”

In other ironic news, yes, I did almost call him a token at the beginning of this article. ( I stand by my statement.) But that’s not even my real reason for writing this. Honestly I give less than a fuck about a political candidate who has not bothered to address the black community once during his campaign. And when he did, it was to denounce the Black Lives Matter Movement. And not to say that all of us feel that way, but damn homie!

Sure there are other issues to speak upon, but the one time you decide to even acknowledge this demographic for your benefit, you use a weak ass rapper? Is this not the equivalent of me, trying to get the Mexican vote by wearing a sombrero, holding a bag of oranges in a “Free El Chapo” shirt, while supporting deportation?


The fuck outta here, bruh.

Personally, I don’t dig Aspiring Mogul’s music. Not because he’s a black Christian Republican. I just don’t like it. But what I hate, is for people to be used for someone else’s comeuppance. Aspiring Mogul is not the pawn in this situation by any means. Matter of fact, he stands to gain a lot from the entire situation. Hell, I didn’t even know this dude’s name three days ago. Now the ball is in his court. But I hope he is aware of who his target audience is. So the question remains, who IS the pawn?

That’s right people, it’s us. If you listen to urban radio in Miami, Atlanta, Birmingham, Houston and a few other black meccas, get prepared. So in between your lay-a-way rims and weave ads, you too, can and will be subject to a new way of thinking. You know, the more I think about this, Republicans tried this shit before. Well maybe it was the Tea Party. I can’t tell the difference. But yeah, Lloyd Marcus was Head Entertainment Token for the Tea Party a few years ago.
Aspiring Mogul. Don’t be a Lloyd Marcus.

As I go to publish this article, I see Ben Carson has been caught lying about his past. He allegedly got a scholarship from West Point. West Point doesn’t give out scholarships. Damn. Just like a rapper.

[Original post appears here]

Words by Cordrick Ramey


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