TGDCtv: Stripper Spouses: Yea or Nay? [NSFW]



Sure, we show strippers love. But could you really love a stripper?

Words by Tony Grands



2 comments on “TGDCtv: Stripper Spouses: Yea or Nay? [NSFW]

  1. Champ Ion says:


    I used to have the thought that most of these chicks don’t get off on dancing, until I found out one of my good high school friends was a dancer. Went to go see her dance a few times, and at first it was like “these broads are just super sluts”. Then me and her started having really different conversations. They are really just “real people” as you mentioned. They are “mostly” hustlers by nature and don’t mind going to the extreme of getting nude for ( A. HELLUVA. LOT. OF. MONEY.). They just doing this stuff to pay their bills. Some of them are actually in school (not just cosmotology school either. Met one in culinary school and another was an accounting major in downtown ATL) which I always thought was a myth. Any who, great podcast. Don’t think I’d date one in this point in my life unless she get her head screwed on right and aint trying to live fast and die young and turn up everydamnday.


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