KRS Vs. BDK: Which Big Daddy Reigned Supreme?


Words by Phlip

It all started from an FB post, which my name was somehow pulled into…

Full disclosure; I respect what KRS is to hip hop, I have enjoyed his music.  What I do NOT enjoy is his approach to people in the industry who are not named Lawrence Parker. This much has been stated in a post of my own a while back.

With all of that aside, the question at hand was who had the better career between the two and I have been of the opinion for a very long time that it was Kane. 

Why, you ask?

– Biggie

– Jay-Z (who, by the way, we first saw on tour and in videos with Kane)

– Black Thought of The Roots

There are assuredly dozens more MCs out that admit or can be easily traced to DIRECT influence from Kane and his style.  Multi-syllabic/internal rhyme schemes without Rakim’s slow-flow was born with Kane and cultivated in friendly competition with Kool G Rap.


Look at the people that came along from what Kane helped to build that went on to do bigger things than him since.  Wait, just look at Jay-Z and all that has come from him and no need to really go any further.  The fact that Kane has not (publicly) lamented what could have been or how “I built you” shows that he is genuinely cool with seeing people do well, even if that means they do better than him.

Wait, this is a comparison of KRS One and Big Daddy Kane, not a Kane post…

And this is what bothers me about them in comparison.  You can name what they both did for hip hop early on, but you can readily see that outside of touring the “old head” circuit, neither is making a lot of noise that the kids these days will hear.  And this is where they differ…

Kane shows up and collects his respect, plays his shows and brings his ass back down to Durham NC like the 47 year-old family man he is.


KRS, on the other hand, is the angry-ass old man who will play the same shows, collect the SAME respect, but then stand on the metaphoric front lawn yelling at the kids for not giving him MORE respect than he gets.

Kane has a Grammy and two gold plaques for Long Live the Kane and It’s a Big Daddy Thing (both of which I know EVERY word of, he signed a copy of Long Live The Kane for me in 1998).

KRS has one gold plaque (in 1997, when EVERYONE went gold), zero Grammy awards, and a bad habit of popping up to piss in people’s proverbial Corn Flakes when he feels his name has not been mentioned to his liking.

KRS continues to record new albums where Kane has been effectively retired since moving to NC, basically showing up to tear back someone’s cameo and going home to let the internet talk about it.  That said, Kane maintains a lower profile and moves through with none of the unnecessary anger Mr. Parker seems to keep with him.

So who has had a better career?

In my opinion, Kane seems to have enjoyed his a lot more than KRS has, I have personally enjoyed it a ton more than I have KRS so I am gonna go with Kane on this one.

Words by Phlip


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