Manhood Mondays: In Honor of Cuffing Season – Sidechickology 101


Guys cheat. That’s just something they do. Not all, but most. At some point. Be it a scientific reason or pure, indignant selfishness, the male species doesn’t seem hardwired for singular relationship activities. If anything, it seems most men usually get trapped in permanent relationships like wild ferrets and thrash around violently inside the cage until — one day — they realize they’ve exerted all their available energies, and thusly surrender. But that’s neither here nor there.


Some men, however, refuse to be caged, even when they’ve clearly been captured. Those men make the decision to carry on with extracurricular honeydips. Side chicks. And just like the relationship with your main chick, there are rules to this shit.

In honor of Cuffing Season, we present “Sidechickology 101,” a brief but hopefully effective cheat sheet. Pun not necessarily intended.

Featuring music by LNDN DRGS, “AKTIVE” available on


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Words by Tony Grands
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