Manhood Mondays: Say “NO!” To Lady Farts in 2016




Today, we discuss a common, unspoken problem in 95% of relationships worldwide. Ladies farting.

Though the female poot is far less aggressive than its male counterpart, it’s offensive nonetheless. And y’all keep doing it in front of us. Tony is here to put a stop to woman purposely, joyously passing gas in front of men for 2016.

Watch the video below with your wife, your daughter, maybe even your mom and grandmother. The madness must end…

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Words by Tony Grands
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One comment on “Manhood Mondays: Say “NO!” To Lady Farts in 2016

  1. markdub7 says:

    So….you REALLY still prefer the boobs to the boo-tay? We’ve had this discussion before Grands. We have to evolve. LOL!
    ….but seriously. …you couldn’t be more right. A fart ain’t nothing but little shit particles; shit-ticles if you will….and I aint trying to ingest that SHIT in any way.

    Liked by 1 person

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