Cheat Codes: Starting Your New Year with a Bang



In order to start your new year with a bang, you must first come to some realistic expectations of yourself. These expectations should extend far beyond this 365 day cycle that we’re referring to but nevertheless.

anterior-viewFirst realize that you are a human being. Human beings not only make mistakes, but often times we thrive and progress within these mistakes. This horrid chain reaction like existence is the basis for most modern civilizations. Perhaps that’s why we act like animals most of the time. There’s nothing wrong with holding one’s self to higher standards than the next person, but be in the now when you’re shooting your shots. Disappointment is usually a culmination of unrealistic expectation and delusion. When things let you down it’s probably because you let it lift you too high up. Keep it real with yourself.

img-thingUnderstand that you are in control of very few things. Those few things are massively important to your entire existence, however, 92% of the things that occur in your immediate vicinity, be it physical, spiritual, or emotional, are totally and relentlessly out of your hands. Take this scientific theory and apply it to every aspect of your life. Not only does it literally lift unnecessary responsibility off of your shoulders, but it causes a natural recalibration of what’s important and what’s bullshit. Knowing that you’re not in control shouldn’t be confused with recklessly “giving Jesus the wheel.” But that’s another topic for another day.

Screen-shot-2013-12-02-at-12.18.39-PMKeep in mind that time is more important than money. It’s very easy to lose one while chasing the other but decide which one you’d rather lose. Money can always be generated. It’s like a lizard’s tail. Time, however, is undisputedly irreplaceable. In that vein I suggest you cut off all the motherfuckers that consistently waste yours. Not only is our individual time limited, but we really have no idea of how much we eat in have. Let’s put that in terms of food. You wouldn’t give away all of your food without having some sort of idea about the amount you have left for yourself. If you don’t agree that time is more valuable than money then put it in this perspective. If you wouldn’t give away all of your food why would you give away all of your time, if that makes any sense.

happinessKnow that happiness is contrived and forged by your own hands. It isn’t a random event that lazily falls into your lap. You must work hard at finding it and diligently at keeping it in your grasp. Once you turn those duties over to the world, you are doomed. Social Media is an excellent example of this theory at work. People post things online in hopes of supportive reception and base their level of contention on the purported responses. But social MEdia isn’t designed to enrich or support nor validate. Sadly, people don’t understand this aspect of life. Those people usually don’t make it to the end of the race. Don’t be one of those people. Be the controller of your destiny as well as the master of your domain.

These are but a few methods you can incorporate into the arrival of your new year. And every new year. In fact, break it down and stretch it out monthly, weekly, daily if need be. Whatever it takes for you to find to road to personal prosperity.

Peace, and Happy New Year.

Words by Tony Grands
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2 comments on “Cheat Codes: Starting Your New Year with a Bang

  1. Champ Ion says:

    Amazing write up! Now I gotta step my game up. Helluva post, man!


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