A Look At The Feminization of Men in Hip Hop



Words by Cordrick Ramey

Hip Hop has always been a testosterone driven musical format.

Beats, rhymes, persona. Hard, hard, hard. I’m better than you. I make more money. I got more women, jewelry, cars and clothes than you’ve ever seen. And I rhyme better about these things. Nothing wrong with that, that comes with the spirit of competition. But somewhere along the lines, degrading the next man, in the course of proclaiming superiority, started to include words like faggot, bitch, punk, gay, sissy and pussy. Harsh. These words became the epitome of disrespect. No one would allow themselves to be referred to as such. And if you decided to use these terms to describe another man, be prepared for a fight…..even if it’s true.

So the current hip hop climate of 2016 is truly showing to be a changing of the guard. Not to say that the tell tale signs weren’t already present. And I don’t have a problem with gay rappers, singers, writers, actors, producers or directors. But, I do see a problem with the hidden agenda. What is the hidden agenda, you may ask. Well, to me, the agenda is that there are certain powers at work, where broken homes, absentee fathers, drugs and violence are commonplace for a black child. At least more so than for any other race. And not only is it commonplace realistically, it also takes place in the music we consume on a daily basis. In the ear buds, on the radio, the Internet and in the videos.


These images and ideologies played a great part in the thinking of a lot of the young men you see around your town today. What do they do with it? Is it just a song to enjoy for three minutes and thirty seconds, or is it a lifestyle? Violence and drug selling, are two prevalent points that are typically promoted on black urban radio. And those two points in particular, has lead to a mass incarceration of black and brown people. But I’m not here to discuss the prison system today. Today, I want to discuss that icing on top of that “destroy the black man” cake.


The feminization of hip hop. I don’t like to consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but some things make too much sense to me. When the drug game was introduced to hip hop, (not as users, but sellers), the next logical step was violence. Due to haters, the law or rivals or whatever. And in real life, blacks in particular were fed this ideology every day on urban radio. So in turn, these tales kinda justified the mentality.

Now, the damage has pretty much been done from the crack era, its time to move to a new poison. New poison? Emasculation. Now follow my theory. Locking you up was not enough. Now they need to make it where you can’t reproduce. Hip hop has spent years calling black women bitches, hoes, thots and skanks. And on top of that, a camaraderie, of being loyal to your “niggas” and never a woman, became the norm. Separation.

Some higher ups took notice of this. And made sure we not only took pride in disrespecting any woman who is not our mother, but took it a step further and started taking on women’s clothing. Others started calling themselves bitches. Some did it because that’s how they felt, others were…pushed into this program.


As for my personal belief, I think Young Thug is gay. All of the dressing and calling others dudes “bae” and “sexy”. What the fuck am I supposed to think? But other people have had this gay agenda thrust upon them and if they decline, you look like a gay basher. Case in point, Drake and Tom Ford.


I have never been the biggest Drake fan. I’m sure you know this about me by now. But after this tremendous year he has had, why, WHY, would you award a MAN with a fucking lipstick? Is he supposed to wear it? Or is this some grand honor that only the best of the best can receive? Jay-Z made a song called Tom Ford, he didn’t get a lipstick. There is no self respecting man who is totally straight, that has ever said “hmmm you know what this outfit needs…..cranberry lipstick”. This shit is unacceptable. But of course it doesn’t end there. Your favorite Fresh Prince weirdo offspring has just inked a deal to model for Louis Vuitton …women’s clothing.


I really don’t have time for this shit. I mean c’mon, what is the point? The headline of this article as posted on The Gaurdian reads “Jaden Smith laughs in the face of gender stereotypes in Louis Vuitton ad”. If the true purpose is to laugh in the face of stereotypes, why not do something considered feminine outside of wearing clothes? A woman wearing a dress is not stereotypical, these are clothes designed for women. I bet none of the ladies in this ad donned a jock strap. I know the clothing is the reason for Louis Vuitton, but damn, they are paying this young black man to wear women’s clothing. When they make clothing for men. Take the jacket, shoes, dress and shirt and see which section they reside in your closest department store. It won’t be next to the wallets.

All I’m trying to get you to understand is there is a hidden agenda here. Based on this industry, we have damaged ourselves in many ways beyond repair. The next step is to end reproduction. Why are so many gay guys included in syndicated urban morning radio shows? To catch your kids on their way to school. Why is it never cool to fully admit you’re gay in hip hop? Keep the mystique around, and if there is a way to justify it, perhaps more impressionable people will think its cool. Why does this not occur in other genres of music? I really don’t have an answer for that. Outside of thinking, this is by design.

So just like drugs and violence being introduced to the genre, what is the next logical step for the gay agenda? Remember, some entity controls what you read, watch and see. Is this coincidence, or other powers in action? And if they can’t kill or incarcerate you fast enough, they may explore another angle.  If you can’t or refuse to reproduce, you can’t raise kings or queens.


Words by Cordrick Ramey
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One comment on “A Look At The Feminization of Men in Hip Hop

  1. Champ Ion says:

    Brilliant and unfortunately accurate write up.


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