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I am not a “fan” of either team in the 2016 Super Bowl, despite living one hour from the stadium of one of them…

There, I said it.

The use of the word ‘fan’ warranted quotation marks in the above because I am actually invested in hoping that my home team wins, and not for the reasons you might think.

Not because Peyton Manning is undeniably a legend based upon his output in the regular season but has consistently shrunk away when the playoffs were going, except for that one time.

Not because I am a fan of an organization that once beat the Broncos 55-10 in the bowl (well, a little bit, but bookmark that idea, it is coming back up).

Not even because of the fact that I can be at the stadium in an hour.


Wait...wrong Panthers.

I want the Panthers to win the bowl because I want racist heads to SPIN over this shit…  Look, we all remember how Cam Newton wound up at Auburn from the University of Florida.  If you don’t, Google it.  As an individual who has fucked up plenty in my almost 37 years, the last thing I want to be reminded of after mostly getting my shit back together is what I USED to be.  Check the comments under any story in which Cam Newton is mentioned in normal media or social outlets and you will see him described as a “thug” and much much worse.  The problem with this is that the one time we are aware that he ran afoul of expectations is also the LAST time he did so we’re aware of.

I’m a 49ers fan, and you may or may not be aware of a gentleman named Colin Kaepernick and all of the machine that came with his rise to brief superstardom and the revolution it caused in how the position was played in the NFL.  It spawned a great many here today/gone tonight copycats (<– hey, there's that again).  He too, was taken to task for being flashy and arrogant for his troubles, but nevermind that.  The only two of the copycats that didn't complete the "gone tonight" of thr cycle are Russell Wilson and Cam Newton, and Cam plays more like Kaepernick did — or would have if he had continued to get better at it like Cam did.

With all of that said, HELL YES I want to see what could have been actually work.  Further, I want to see it actually work to the ABSOLUTE chagrin of the (still) popular opinion of an America where Donald Trump is a political frontrunner.

(Note: metaphors, learn them)

Cam had an out-of-wedlock baby with a woman with whom he happened to have been with a while and is still with now and all of a sudden the average NFL fan's moral compass, absent when Tom Brady 'baby mama'd' and left chick for a newer model WHILE SHE WAS STILL PREGNANT just 8 years ago.

Just one time, I want to see this story end the way it should, where the New Jack comes in, otherwise unquestionable and absolutely built for the moment takes off the golden child who the entire country rallied to defend from accusations of HGH use.  Never mind that Peyton Manning has his OWN history of shiting the bed on the big stages in the NFL, the fact that he is admittedly playing a position where he has had to admit that he cannot feel his finger when one PROBABLY should be able to do so is a pretty big deal.  Never mind that if this DOES happen, we will still hear the talking heads on CBS, NBC and ESPN prattle on how Peyton lost this and not how Cam won it.  Just once, I want to see the black guy get WAAAY ahead and something while wholly doing it HIS way and having an absolute fucking ball doing it, I hope every 7 year-old in Santa Clara next Sunday gets a fucking game ball.

Loyal fandom serves it that I CAN NOT wear Carolina Panthers' gear as long as the San Francisco 49ers are still a thing, but know that there are sports-related and real-life reasons that we WANT to see that man do well on February 7th.

Words by PHLIP
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