How To Properly Quench Your Thirst on Social Media | Manhood Mondays


Words by PHLIP

It’s an unfortunate reality that many men can’t seem to discern the difference between having their predictable thirst baited for attention and when they’re being genuinely flirted with or having interest shown.

Women, though?  If y’all ask the right words in the right order, there will be no gray area whether he wants to fuck.

With the ease that physical release can be arrived at these days, your average social mediaite is more interested in the attention than the physical favors that may come with said attention.

With that said, we are here to offer the service of a list you should check before behaving thirstfully on social media.


Have you actually heard tell of anyone who HAS finagled their way into their goodies?  Assuming you know the code and it is not one of your friends, what about the avenue of social media commenting would make this an acceptable proposition?  Wait…  Gossip on this level is feminine, don’t do this fellas.  Women usually already know who had sex with who, because they talk to each other about these things proactively.

How was this interaction achieved?  Did you receive an inbox/DM/text message, or was this a post on their direct profile/wall?  Who can see this?  To answer that last question, is it visible to their mother, aunts/uncles, siblings and church members?  Sure, they’re all well aware that they have physical assets that they be prodigiously proud of, but to behave like they can be easily had just because you dared to do what any man (and many women) would do in admiring is not a face anyone should want to show to the world you has to face daily.

Before clicking “comment” and swinging for the fences, READ PREVIOUS COMMENTS…
1) There are GUARANTEED to be 4700 random people  telling them how attractive they are (even if she looks like Vera De Milo in the face)…  Are they responding to ANY of them?  If so, which one(s)?

2) This one is more important…  There will invariably be that one person  who HAS enjoyed there favors and will coolly respond, but not with anything suggesting such, and not even on the topic of the T&A on display. (note: THIS is the one they will respond to, even if they’re the only one) You stand to learn a lot by watching the conversation before joining it.

NEVER SHOULD YOU EVER respond (or lead) with an unsolicited dickture.
Self explanatory.  If she wants to see your dick, she will ask or accept an in-person interview of it.

Consider frequency…
Do they post a similar picture showing off her richest assets every day around the same time(s), then soak up the outpouring of appreciation attention? Homie, it is nothing special, it is 100% only a play for the attention. Do not reward this kind of behavior.


This could realistically continue on far into TL;DR territory, but I think the point is made by now.  It requires a bit of common sense applied to an otherwise regular interpersonal interaction and not rewarding certain behaviors and we’re (usually) all good.  If we commit to collectively ignore an attention whore (male or female), they will eventually fade away.

Unfortunately, however, the people thirsty for one type of attention know they can get it in exchange for the ILLUSION of rewarding another kind of attention.  The history of the world and fall of a great many mighty men speaks to the fact that women will continue to win this tug of war, no matter WHAT I type here.


Words by PHLIP
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