Arizona MC Jake Eff talks Hip Hop in AZ, Big Booties, the Superbowl and Drops New Music


TGDC: Describe the Hip Hop scene in Arizona?
JE: It’s crazy man, it’s a beautiful thing and it can be real wild sometimes. A lot of times it feels more like a competition, and that’s the hard thing about it. It’s tough to get local recognition out here because everybody is more about getting on before the next dude. But there’s definitely some dope artists I’ve been working with like my Mill City guys Ronin, Daniel Jordan, Kapo…the list goes on. Definitely some dope producers I’ve linked with as well. I’ll be dropping some new music over the next few weeks that’s all local production. Shoutout to the guys SB Louie, Bassfngrz, and everyone else on board! The shows always get lit though, that’s for sure.

TGDC: Name some non-Hip Hop influences that inspire your music?
JE: To keep it real my biggest influence gotta be my older brother. He showed me the ropes of this rap shit back when we were young kids and if it wasn’t for him I would never even be in this position. But even more important he was with me when we were growing up through some crazy shit and he always held me down. I know most people have some historical influences or some celebrities but I gotta go with who go with who turned me into the guy I am.

TGDC: What’s your biggest motivation to make music?
JE: Man,┬áhonestly just like a lot of people out there I’ve been through a lot. I’m young and still going through crazy shit daily and I put all my life experiences into my music. The motivation is seeing that I can actually influence people and people can relate to the things I say because the content is realistic. Knowing people are waiting to hear something I create for whatever reason is a dope feeling, and at the end of the day I wanna take my passion and talents and turn it into a career that’ll put my team on with me and put my momma out of work for good.

TGDC: Every rapper rolls with a crew. Take a moment and talk about your crew. Who’s your squad?
JE: Oh yeah, I gotta keep my ARMY with me! Haha, my close circle of homies ironically don’t really make music, but they all hungry in their own way and they always make sure to help keep my eye on the prize. Quick shout out to the squad Mando, Tank, G Baby, my dude P, Grande, Jc, Sam, ALAAAAN, doobie snacks, young LA!! Whole squad!! Haha you’ll find them somewhere on my TL! Also my photographer/videographer @9thUnknown always keeping the boy icy!

“Jordan Belfort”


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