Arizona MC Jake Eff talks Hip Hop in AZ, Big Booties, the Superbowl and Drops New Music


TGDC: If you could pick ANY Hip Hop PRODUCER to work with, of any given era of the music, who would it be?
JE: Damn this always a tough question! Haha but it definitely gotta be OVO 40. I’ve been a huge fan of what him and Drake have built and would love to work with him at some point. Can’t forget about Dilla though!

TGDC: Meek Mill calls you for advice on how to make 2016 a better year for himself. What would you tell him?
JE: Hahahahaha! honestly I’d tell my dude to just do his thing and let the beef be for the birds! I’m just the type of person that’d rather make hella moves and stunt on my enemies instead of talking about anything. Just keep working and let the movements speak for themselves. I ain’t really with the drama.

TGDC: Are you a big booty kinda guy or do you prefer the women more top-heavy?
JE: I need shorty to have the cake bro, don’t get me wrong I love me a nice chest lol but I’ll take a stupid booty ANY day. That’s the ghetto in me haha.

TGDC: Who wins the Super Bowl this year (2016)?
JE: Shiiiiit…that’s gonna be my Broncos!! I been a fan since like 02 so it’s been a long wait for this haha. They better not pull some shit like last time against Seattle, but I got faith in the guys.


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Words/Compilation/Interview by Tony Grands
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